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Happy New Year in Ecuador!

December 31, 2009

Hello hello, friends and family! I am imagining it to be rather difficult to keep in touch with you fine folk as plentifully as I might desire, so I thought this blog might be an effective way to let people know what’s down with me (if you’re the kind of person who wants to know what’s down with me) as well as to just create online memories and stuff. Read what you want, skim for pictures, or ignore me entirely.

Anyway, right now I’m hearing shouts of “Eeeeeeeecuadorrrr!!” outside my window because today it is el 31 de diciembre, New Year’s Eve. Lots of national pride, excitement, etc going down.

I sat next to this lady on the plane on the way here (an instant challenge since she loved talking but didn’t know any English), and she told me about the New Year’s Eve traditions. One of them includes making dolls of things that represent the old year and then burning them. Here, if my picture attachments work correctly, you’ll be able to see this in action:

The dolls… then the burning.

Lastly and most hilariously, today there’s a tradition of men dressing up as elderly women and crowding the streets, asking for nickels from cars. Apparently they are the widows of the Old Year, and need money for the funeral. Mostly they danced around and looked more like hookers than elderly widows, but I’ll let you judge.

So that’s New Years Eve in daytime. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be messing tons of stuff up with images and whatnot, so I’m going to start this blog off slow and end here. Improvements later.

Thanks for reading, amigos, y Feliz Año Nuevo!